In the course of our work, we have developed a tried and tested infrastructure for handling large-scale translation projects both for local and overseas clients. This set-up benefits all language combinations and provides clients with a reliable point-of-contact for all translation services, including timely assistance with the revision of documentation.
Strict quality control procedures are the cornerstone of our policy. All translation jobs are entrusted to highly qualified staff with a proven track record in their fields of specialization.
Our input goes beyond a mere transfer of content from one language into another: we aim at producing translations that are completely autonomous and that can replace the original linguistically, stylistically and culturally. Our translations are not only accurate but also industry-specific and culturally-localized. In other words, WE MAKE SENSE.

Fields of expertise:

Law, environment, economics, finance, diplomacy, sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Our Team:

For our teams of translators, interpreters and project support staff, “RELIABILITY” is anything but a hollow slogan.
Moreover, strict confidentiality is observed throughout the entire process.
All our processes are fully compliant with ISO Standard 9001:2015 to which we are certified.
We are proud to service several UN Agencies, European Institutions, the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials (UNAKRT), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and many other similar institutions.
In order to ensure consistent quality, we have made it our policy to provide only a limited number of languages and to specialize in a few, carefully chosen subject fields. Experience has taught us that it is virtually impossible to offer scores of languages and to efficiently manage a database of hundreds of freelance translators professionally!

in a limited number
of languages, namely :


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Conference Interpretation

A sub-standard interpretation service is likely to undermine the success of the most prestigious and costly event. It could spell the difference between clinching a good deal or returning home empty-handed. Fully aware of this, ITA has taken time and care to put together teams of fully-fledged conference interpreters who, during the past twenty-six years, have contributed to the success of several international conferences on a variety of topics, both locally and abroad. Our reasonable rates belie our expertise and professionalism. One definite advantage we have over freelancers is that our interpreters are used to working together as a team and all feel equally responsible to contribute to the success of the event. To this end no effort is spared in research and preparation prior to the meeting: glossaries are drawn up and briefing meetings are held so as to ensure that all are adequately prepared.
ITA offers all modes of interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive and whispered) in the languages listed above.
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